For established 6 and 7-figure business owners looking to optimize and scale their businesses.

Create a sustainable, successful business (that doesn't make you want to burn your business to the ground) when you become a Zenpreneur   

Growth marketing consulting for 6 and 7-figure founders, influencers, thought-leaders, and experts ready to optimize and scale their businesses with simplicity and ease.


So you've found great success with your current launch and marketing plan...but you're ready to scale beyond the 1 Million mark.

Now What?

You've taken courses. Joined coaching programs. You've worked SO hard to get where you are right now.

But the plans and strategies that worked to get you where you are, may not be working for you to take you to the next level.

And what's may feel like you're beginning to resent the business that you built...that used to bring you such passion and excitement. 

Now you're feeling like things have gotten too complicated....too big...and perhaps too overwhelming.

And you're feeling stuck.

But what you don't need to do is burn everything to the ground and start over.

The secret to scaling to the next level in your business with enjoyment and less bad stress is to focus on fewer projects that are aligned with you and your ideal client.

Some Examples...

Nixing methods that don't work for you or your ideal client and customizing a strategic plan for your ideal client that create raving fans of your business....and that feels authentic and in alignment with your core values, too!

Optimizing your sales and marketing funnels that you have in place, instead of investing money into something without proof that it works. Let's improve what you already have that is working...not reinvent the wheel!

Mapping out a customer journey that is clear and easy to follow... one that your audience will enjoy, giving them more options to buy without using sleazy sales tactics!

Expand the sources of your lead generation... so that you're no longer reliant solely on one source of marketing only...(AKA Facebook ads), and don't need to worry about the next iOS update.

Investing in high-level strategic advice without needing to hire a full-time CMO onto your team (chief marketing officer).

Position yourself as the thought leader so you become the most sought-after expert in your industry.


Imagine growing a successful business that you actually enjoy, with an expert there to support you and guide you throughout the process.

You'll have the accountability and guidance of a certified master marketer and certified launch manager in your corner!


What's included in your package?

Strategic Planning

We will meet together for a 90 minute quarterly planning call with you and your team members, to discuss goals, core focus, milestones, and recommended completion dates for each item.

Direct Voxer & Slack Support

Questions come up and you may need support! You'll gain access to 1:1 support via voxer and/or slack with Carrie and her team to provide immediate answers in-between calls.

Weekly Audits

You can submit to Carrie for review copies of weekly landing page copy/design, email sequences, tech/automation plans, sales calls, social media or ad creative/copy.

1:1 Strategy Calls

Gain access to scheduled 1:1 calls with Carrie and her team, to help you with launch strategic support, marketing ideas, feedback, KPI and metrics review, troubleshooting, or mindset support.

Zenpreneur Resource Library

You'll gain access to our library of launch and marketing resources, to support you and your team as you prepare to market and launch your offers.

Measurement + Metrics Assets

Carrie and the team will provide you with guidance and tools to help you create and measure results for your offers. We will show you how to create a custom KPI sheet, and how to use it to track results.

 The initial commitment is 90 days of consulting support. You can choose to add as many more months of this as you'd like!


Our job is to do one thing for you:


Help you increase your revenue while getting rid of stuff that's causing you stress...which equals a complete transformation of your business.



What got you to your first level of success can't take you to your next level. 


Together, we will put together a custom plan for your specific business using custom-for-your business online marketing growth and launch strategies that will help you scale to the next level of business revenue. 

Every 90 days, we will create a dedicated and simplicity-focused strategy to achieve your desired results. These quarterly sessions will guide us and help us navigate the progress we make.

Not only do we plan to help you scale your business to the multi-millions . . . we also take into account your personal time, the success and legacy you want to create, AND what aspects of your business bring you peace, happiness, and true fulfillment. This is the cornerstone of the Zen Launch Formula.

We will work together to create a custom plan and then we will work with you on one specific objective at a time and then implement that with your team, measuring the wins as we go. 

As the plan is then implemented, I work to support you, your team, and your partners to navigate the big decisions and celebrate your wins along the way.

How Our Plan Will Work

After our first meeting (where we create our 90 day plan), we develop a rhythm of working together where we are consistently seeing win after win.

We analyze the results of the first one-step plan, and come up with a new one-step plan that's designed to expand on the results for our original plan. 

We keep building upon the results of what is working while working to ensure the business is impacting your quality of life in a positive way.

You'll receive weekly support around one specific business objective at a time, implement it with your team, continue to measure the wins and execute the best opportunities available for you and your business. 

As your business grows and the wins continue, my team and I will continue to support you and your team along the journey.


You don't have to do this alone anymore!

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If the done-with-you consulting package isn't a good fit, consider our other service offerings...

Your Zen Launch Custom Kajabi Setup & Design

Imagine having your entire Kajabi platform designed, set up, and ready for you to launch!? You'll get customized support from our team of design, tech, and strategy experts to help support you through the entire process. 


Simplify to Scale VIP Day

If you want to "get shit done now" then intensives are for YOU! We offer done-in-a-day design and launch intensives, where we will provide done-for-you support. Who doesn't want to get things ready to launch in half the time? 

Want to schedule a call to discuss how we can best support your business?